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Shipping Rules

Automation removes the need to perform manual, repetitive tasks by automating your shipping process and workflows. You can use these to set predefined rules that assign your preferred carrier for particular types of shipments.

Create shipping rules

  1. Navigate to the Shipping rules setting in and click on the “New automation rule” button towards the top right.

If you have multiple shops ensure the correct shop is selected that you want to create the rule for.

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-02-53.png
  1. Enter the country or countries that this rule will apply to. If you do not need to add a Condition, click “Next.”

Each carrier has their own service offering which can differ per country meaning the more countries added to a rule there’s a possibility that you will see fewer services available in the next step

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-03-26.png

2.1 Optional - Click “Add condition” and select the preferred attribute to add to the rule. Once complete, click “Next.“

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-04-13.png
  • Weight

    • Add weight to your rule to assign a carrier based on the total weight of a the shipment.

      • Example: If weight is less than or equal to 2kg then select Evri Packet.

  • Value

    • Add a unique value to your rules to assign a carrier based on the max value, the combined total value of all items within a single shipment.

      • Example: If value is greater than 100 then select UPS Express.

  • Add multiple conditions to one rule. For example - weight and value.

  • If one rule has a weight or value with attributes less than or equal to, then you will need another rule with the condition is greater than.

  • Tags

    • Are mapped to the webshops delivery checkouts, allowing your customers to select their prefered delivery option.

    • Tags also work when using the .csv upload. You can export all data including tags from marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

  1. Choose the preferred carrier & service, then click “Continue.”

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-05-17.png
Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-05-40.png
  1. Give the rule a name, activate the toggle and click “Save.”

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-06-02.png

Your new automation rule is now visible in the rule overview.

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 14-02-57.png

Example rules to assign a packet service to shipments under 2 kgs and a parcel service for shipments over 2 kgs.

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-12-20.png
Screenshot from 2024-03-25 13-11-49.png

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