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Return Methods

The return methods define the delivery options available for your customers to use when returning their orders.

Return methods

There a 3 types of return methods to select from:

  1. Carrier return

  2. Return to store

  3. Arrange your own shipping

  1. In the settings menu, navigate to ‘Return methods' located towards the bottom left-hand side of the menu. Now click 'New return method’ towards the top right.

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Carrier return

Allow your customers to return their orders using your preferred carrier.

Different service options will be available based on the chosen carrier.

  • Name: Give each return service a recognisable name.

  • Return type: Ship via connected carrier.

  • Contract: The carrier contract for the returns.

  • Default weight: Maximum weight.

  • Service: Based on contract selected + weight.

  • Recover service: Based on contract selected.

  1. After completing the details of the return method, click ‘Save.’

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Increase customer satisfaction by adding multiple return methods.

Return to store

Ideal for label in the box returns.

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Arrange your own shipping

Allow your customers to arrange their own shipping.

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