To install your WooCommerce plugin, please follow the steps outlined below;

Step 1: Install plugin

  1. Download the zip file and save it to your pc or laptop.
  2. Next, in your web-shop, go to the WordPress admin panel. From there, click Plugins, followed by Add New, and finally Upload Plugin, located towards the top left of the page.
  3. You can now select Choose File and upload the plugin zip file that you had saved earlier. Following this, you can then click on Install Now.
  4. WordPress will have successfully installed the plugin and once complete, you will see a Plugin installed successfully system message. You can then click the Activate Plugin button.
  5. Once the page refreshes, go to your WordPress admin panel and click Settings, towards the bottom of the list you will see API setting.
  6. From here, you can add your Client ID & Client Secret. These can be easily generated within the MyParcel portal.
  7. Once you've added your Client ID & Client Secret, click Save, this will authenticate your credentials.
  8. Once saved and the page refreshes, you'll see your shop name has appeared in the drop-down field below the Client ID & Client SecretPlease ensure you physically select your shop and click Save one more time. Important: Ensure the Activate testmode tick-box is not selected. 

Step 2: adding data to new attributes

Once the plugin has been installed it will add 2 new attributes to each of your stores products; harmonised system codes & country of origin. These fields need to be populated with the relevant data. This can either be done on product level within WooCommerce of via a CSV for bulk updating. 

When wanting to bulk update you will first need to download the products csv from WooCommerce, ensuring the yes, export all custom meta tick-box is selected. The harmonised system codes & country of origin columns will be towards the end of the report. 

The harmonised system codes for your products can be found here;

The country of origin needs to be added as a 2 letter ISO code, which can be found here;

Additionally the already included product attributes; SKU & weight also need to have the relevant data added.