We now offer a free, seamless integration with WooCommerce. Now you can easily add SendMyParcel.com to your WooCommerce environment, using the WordPress admin plugin download in just a few short steps. 

This download is available by request - so please get in touch with us, here.

Once you’ve received your free WooCommerce download, you can follow this guide to have our WooCommerce plugin installed on your system of choice.

  • Download the installation file and save the zip file to your pc or laptop.
  • Next, in your webshop, go to the WordPress admin area. From there, click ‘Add New Page’(1) followed by ‘Upload Plugin’(2).

  • You can now select ‘Choose File’(3) and upload the plugin zip file that you had saved earlier. Following this, you can then click on ‘Install Now’(4)


  • WordPress will have successfully installed the SendMyParcel.com plugin and once complete, you will see a ‘Plugin installed successfully’ system message(5). You can then ‘Activate Plugin’(6), by clicking on this message.


  • Finally, you can add your WooCommerce API credentials by navigating to the ‘SendMyparcel.com API setting’(7), and add your Client ID & Secret. These credentials can be easily generated within our Portal, or if you prefer, you can ask one of our team to lend a hand.

Once you've added your API credentials, you’re ready to start creating shipments in the SendMyParcel portal with WooCommerce!!