We now offer a free, seamless integration with WooCommerce. Now you can easily add SendMyParcel.com to your WooCommerce environment, using the WordPress admin plugin download in just a few short steps. 

This download is available by request - so please get in touch with us, here.

Once you’ve received your free WooCommerce download, you can follow this guide to have our WooCommerce plugin installed on your system of choice.

  1. Download the zip file and save it to your pc or laptop.
  2. Next, in your web-shop, go to the WordPress admin area. From there, click Add New Page, followed by Upload Plugin.
  3. You can now select Choose File and upload the plugin zip file that you had saved earlier. Following this, you can then click on Install Now.
  4. WordPress will have successfully installed the SendMyParcel.com plugin and once complete, you will see a Plugin installed successfully system message. You can then Activate Plugin, by clicking on this message.
  5. Finally, you can add your WooCommerce API credentials by navigating to the SendMyparcel.com API setting, and add your Client ID & Client Secret. These credentials can be easily generated within your Portal, or if you prefer, you can ask one of our team to lend a hand.

Once you've added your API credentials, you’re ready to start creating shipments!