are pleased to announce that we can offer same day carrier collections! 

A same day carrier collection is dependant on a number of factors, which we have outlined below;

1. It really depends on your collection address; many of our carriers have cut off times for specific areas, or may not offer same day collections within the specified area. If you try to create a same day collection after your cut off point, or within an area where it is not available, your collection may not take place until the next working day. 

2. It can also depend on the time you place your collection; most carriers need at least 3 hours to be able to process your collection. And of course, this is also affected by your cut off time. If you place a same day collection less than 3 hours before your cut off time then the carrier is unlikely to collect your parcel on the same day.

3. Parcel collection service can depend on the carrier; a carrier may offer a same day collection service which can be added as a general inclusive service, or to each of your individual shipments - which can also be at an additional cost. 

4. Collections usually require someone to be available to hand over the parcel/s; some carriers require a signature during the parcel handover, or even to inspect the items within a parcel prior to acceptance. 

It is important to note that each carrier will have different conditions, when collecting your parcels. We've outlined some tips to ensure you receive a seamless same day collection service:

- Check that collection services are available from your chosen carrier.

- Check the collection cut off time for your area.

- Place your collection order in enough time to be accepted by the carrier you've chosen.

- Ensure the parcels are ready to go when the driver arrives to collect, and that a person is available to sign for it if needed.

Carrier collections, unless stated, can be priced at an additional cost that will be added to the overall price of your shipping service. Booking a same day collection, however, will always be an additional cost, unless otherwise agreed with us. Because of this, it is important to check the total price of your shipment during the creation process, and prior to shipping your packages.

If you would like to discuss a same day collection, or for anything else - please get in touch with us