If you have a MyParcel.com or SendMyParcel.com account, creating your own API credentials can be done in just a few simple steps.

1. Once you have logged into your portal account, Select your 'Account' (on the very top right-hand side), and then select 'API Clients'.

2. Once complete, select 'Add API client'.

3. Add the name of your client, in the name field.

4. Choose the channel for your client, by selecting the correct channel in the drop down menu (E.g. Magento 2, WooCommerce, Ebay, or choose Custom), and select 'Save'.

5. Your client credentials will now be created. Your Client secret is only provided once. Please ensure that you save your Client secret (this can be done by using the copy function on the right hand side of the client secret field). In the case that you lose your client secret, you can simply create a new API client (making sure that you delete the old one).

That's it! These credentials can now be used in one of our e-commerce plugins or if you'd like to communicate directly with our API.