Our CSV import tool enables you to easily create multiple shipments in batch, from any e-commerce environment.

With this feature, you can simply download your order information from your chosen environment, in a file format that uses comma separated values (.csv), and import it directly into the SendMyParcel.com portal. There's no need to worry about the columns being in the right order, as you can organise this during the configuration step.

We've set out the steps below with a tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using our CSV upload tool.

  • Once you've logged in to the portal, and are in the Shipments Overview, select "Upload CSV".

  • You'll be directed to the Upload Shipments overview, and here you'll be able to choose your file. We've also set out some examples, which will give you an idea of how to configure your csv file - you can choose from a domestic, international or mixed example file.

  • Once you've chosen your file, you can choose to either select the preferred service for your shipments or move on to the configuration stage

Hint: If you have a large number of shipments being sent to either domestic or international destinations, it can be quite useful to select the service for the majority of your shipments. This can be done by choosing the options under the service filters section of the overview; where you can choose the destination and service for the majority of your shipments. You can then move on to the configuration stage.

New: We have implemented a new feature which allows you to create a number of different mappers for your shipments. You can now select or change configurations according to the .csv download environment, saved locally to your pc or laptop. You can find out more information about CSV mappers, here. If you have already created and configured your mapper, then you can simply move on to the last step by choosing the preferred mapper, selecting "skip configuration step", and then clicking "Upload file". 

  • Select "Configuration". During this stage, you can assign the correct data to their corresponding fields by dragging and dropping the correct titles. All mandatory titles for shipments are indicated with a star. Once you've finished, select "Check Data"

Hint: If you've already configured your file before, the system will remember your preferences and you'll be taken to the last step, where you can check all your shipment details before creating your shipments. You can also change or create a new mapper, during this stage if you wish to.  

  • You'll now progress to the last stage, where you'll be shown which shipments need to be changed or edited with a simple message indicating the missing information. Don't worry if you do not have all the information available - you'll be to send all the shipments through to the shipments overview, allowing you to change or edit the shipments, in the shipments overview at your convenience. Once you're satisfied with the status of the shipments, click "Save all shipments", and you'll be directed to the shipments overview where you can download your labels.