At, we’ve made the process of creating a shipment really easy. 

Once you’ve signed up with, connected your stores and chosen your carriers then it’s quite simple to start sending shipments.

We’ve prepared a short video and also a quick guide below;

1. To get started, click the "New Shipment" button.

2. The New Shipment view consists of four main areas and here you can fill in the shipment data; 

    Our address validation tool - You can easily look up an address and prefill all the data that it necessary 

    to create a shipment using our address validation tool.


    Recipient address fields - If you'd like to fill in the details manually, you can also do so.


    Shipment details - where you can enter the weight, dimensions and a description of your parcel.


    Carrier Service Selector - you can select your preferred carrier service and any options such as proof of delivery

    here. If you'd like to send your parcel using a ship-to-shop service, simply choose "Pickup", and select and

    confirm your chosen pick up point and the required service. This service allows your customer to collect

    their parcel at their leisure from a location of their choosing.

3. Once the data is complete, you can now choose to save the shipment. Your shipment will now be listed as a concept in the shipment overview.

4. Print your label - select the concept you have just created and click the print button. Now you can choose a label position or size as desired. Once this is complete you'll be able to download and print your label. 

5. Your parcel is now registered with the carrier, just attach the label securely to your parcel and it's ready to go!