Our Mission

To provide the easiest and most efficient way to ship your parcels and letters, to and from any place in the world - regardless of company size, knowledge and infrastructure.

Our beginning

In 2010, Dutch brothers Neils and Lars Vlietman started a number of successful webshops. As the popularity of their companies grew, so did their customer base which in turn increased their shipping volumes. It became really difficult to find cost effective shipping solutions that they could use to not only meet the shipping needs for each store, but to also offer their growing customer base a variety of different options. 

When they realised that nothing like this existed on the market, Niels and Lars developed a simple solution - an API that could not only help them to select the best shipping rates dependent on size, weight and destination but one that could also print the labels necessary to ship with each carrier too. The two brothers worked really hard on developing the software and rolled it out to across their network of colleagues and friends who were also webshop owners and MyParcel.nl was formed!

Word spread like wildfire and in just a few short years, MyParcel.nl had over 23,000 customers based in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg - which made their delivery management system the most popular solution in the Benelux area to date. 

In 2016, Niels and Lars left MyParcel.nl and their team of 60 employees and went on to start SendMyParcel.com, with one mission: to now become the most popular delivery management software of the world by helping as many online sellers as possible with the shipping of their parcels and letters.


SendMyParcel.com is a shipping solution by webshop owners for webshop owners. We know, from experience that your time is valuable. We know that money is a precious resource. We also know that there is a better way to upload your orders, prepare your shipping labels and choose cost effective carriers - and this should be done in one place. Our mission is to simplify shipping in such a way so that anyone can do it regardless of whether they're a small startup or a larger enterprise. 

The SendMyParcel.com team now has 15 employees and after launching in the UK, has plans to launch in a range of countries all around the world. Our highly trained UK team, consists of native speakers and works closely with our partner offices in Southall. They are professional and courteous, having over ten years combined industry experience and can assist you with any enquiry.

Software updates

We strive to add new features and functionalities for our product on a regular basis. As we expand our product, we will also increase its availability within various sales channels and e-commerce platforms. We are also continuously expanding our carrier network so that we will always be able to offer you the best shipping prices. 

To check out when our product will be available in your country please contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. To review our label fees and pricing structure, please click here.