By default the SDK uses the filesystem to cache both resources and access tokens. To use another type of caching, any cache instance implementing Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface can be used. This instance should be supplied at construction of MyParcelComApi and ClientCredentials.

Configuring A Different Http Client

The SDK uses Guzzle to send http requests to the API. If the Guzzle Client needs to be configured differently for your setup (eg. you need to connect through a proxy), then you can supply the SDK with a different client.

Custom Resource Classes

The SDK uses the MyParcelCom\ApiSdk\Resources\ResourceFactory to instantiate and hydrate all resource objects. If you want the SDK to instantiate your own classes and hydrate them, a ResourceFactory can be created and factory callables can be added to it to define how to instantiate a resource. Note that when using your custom classes, they should still implement the corresponding resource’s interface.