Paying for shipping your products is quite simple. 

We offer a range of different payment options whether you use our label only service, carrier only service or a mixture of the two options.  

At the end of every billing period you’ll be issued an invoice, which will show you all the services that you've used throughout the month. You can pay your balance, using any of the methods outlined in our payment options section. 

If you’ve chosen to use the pre-paid option for our label only service - then you’re monthly invoice will simply show you a list of the labels you’ve used above 100 and your costs for any shipping services that you've used. Our Pre-Paid option is great if you only use our labels and ship a very small number of items. You can simply add an amount of your choosing using either a debit or credit card, to pay for your labels prior to downloading.

You can pay using direct debit, a credit or debit card or bank transfer when using either or both of our label and carrier service options. The choice is yours.