At, we’ve made the process of uploading .csv files really easy. 

Once you’ve signed up with, connected your stores and chosen your carriers then it’s quite simple to start sending shipments.

We’ve prepared a quick guide below;

  1. Login to and within "Shipments", select "Upload CSV".  

  2. Select the “Upload tool” and choose your .CSV file. Once you’ve chosen the file, the system automatically moves into the configuration mode, no matter what order the columns are in. 

  3. Now you can configure by drag and drop, moving the various components to correspond with the columns. This only needs to be done once, as the system remembers your configuration order.

  4. After the shipments have been uploaded, you can check your labels and edit them if necessary.

  5. You can now select the shipments you want to ship from your order overview and download the labels, using the download function. 

  6. You are ready to print your labels, attach and ship.