As former web-shop owners, we understand how frustrating it can be when a customer is waiting for their parcel to be delivered. 

That being said, the time frame for parcel deliveries really depends on the carrier that you use and the service that you have chosen. 

To make this easier for you, our service cards within the portal will specify the transit time per service & location, so you're never left guessing. We also have track and trace cards available for each shipment, so you can check the status of your parcels at any time.

Sometimes a carrier may experience delays, which will affect the delivery times of your parcel. If your parcel has been delayed, or you can no longer see updates - then please get in touch with us. The time frame of this can vary per circumstance, and of course, per carrier. 

Please inform us of any issues you may have with a shipment within 14 days of your shipment being accepted by the carrier.