The way that your shipping label looks is really dependent on whether you have chosen domestic or international shipping for your parcel, the carrier and the service you want to use. 

Domestic Shipping Labels -

A domestic shipping label is always A6 in size,  and will include the sender and recipient information as well as a unique barcode used for tracking and identification purposes. Because Each carrier has their own layout, this information os presented differently. 

We've presented examples of a domestic shipping label from two of our carriers below - please click on each image for a closer look;

Hermes Domestic Shipping Label

 DPD Domestic Shipping Label

International Shipping Labels & Accompanying Documents - 

A CN23 customs declaration form, is automatically generated when you create an international shipment. This form is required for the identification and classification of the parcels contents at international borders, as well as determining its applicable tariffs and duties. Because the CN23 is a legal document, it requires a signature prior to shipping. 

Depending on the contents of your parcel and its commodity code classification, you may also have to include a commercial invoice with your shipment. This is not required if the item you are shipping is not classified as a commodity, such as a document or a gift. 

Please be aware that these documents are legally required when shipping internationally, and we would advise you to place both of these documents, alongside your shipping labels on the front of your parcels. When attaching you’re labels and documents, it’s important to place them securely on the outside of your package - this way customs shouldn’t have to open your parcels. We recommend using transparent adhesive envelopes to achieve this.

We've also given examples of both the CN23 form and the commercial invoice below - again, you can click on the images to take a closer look;

CN23 Form

Commercial Invoice