Absolutely nothing. 

The SendMyParcel.com software is cloud based, so there’s no difficult or lengthy set up or onboarding process. 

As experienced former webshop owners, we wanted to make sure the process of using the software is super easy; you literally sign up, login on any device (Mobile, Tablet or Desktop), from anywhere and get started. 

It’s also possible to integrate the SendMyParcel.com software with your own webshop platform. We’ve developed easy installation and created complete integrations link that are easy to install. To find out more about our integrations, please click here.

You can simply plug & play and be ready to start shipping within 30 minutes. It's easy to set up everything you need, regardless of your IT knowledge - you can literally sign up in the morning and be shipping by the afternoon.

And if you do need help, we have a dedicated IT support team who is always available to answer your questions, or walk you through it.