At, we don’t apply surcharges for using our system. 

However, if a surcharge has been added to your invoice, it is likely to have come from the carrier that you've chosen to ship with. 

It’s really important that you avoid where possible, any issues where extra fees may be applicable to your shipping services by carriers. There are a few possible reasons why this may happen - so we’ve outlined them below so you can prevent them;

  • Corrections - A fee may be applicable, if it is necessary to change the weight or dimensions of a shipment. If a parcel weighs more or less  or is bigger or smaller than you have stated - then this will be automatically corrected in the system. You can view any corrections to your shipments by selecting it’s barcode in the shipment overview section. Prices for your parcels, whether they are higher or lower are not finalised until confirmed by the carrier.  We do understand that mistakes may happen - such as the miscalculation of the packages dimensions or weight. Our carriers will always weigh your packages at multiple points across the journey, so you can expect your invoicing to always be precise.

  • Non-Delivery - If a domestic or international shipment has been sent with an incorrect recipient address and the delivery cannot be fulfilled, you may be liable for a non-delivery fee, as well as the cost of sending the shipment. A carrier will, almost always try to determine the correct address, however if this can not be done then a fee will apply. We have added an address validation tool to our software, so you can always check the address of your recipient when creating your manual shipments.

  • Oversized deliveries/Misshapen packages - Carriers will always specify the maximum dimensions for shipments that they will accept. Once you've you've chosen your required carrier and service, our display cars show the maximum weights and dimensions for each parcel. If a shipment exceeds these dimensions, your parcel may or may not be accepted by the carrier when using a collection or drop of service. However, if your parcel is accepted, or it is delivered to a hub or to a service point and the subsequent check shows that your parcel is outside of their maximum dimensions and weights - then you will be liable to pay the applicable fees. The costs of this is always determined by the carrier and can be very expensive.

  • Re-labelling a parcel - Carriers will scan and update information at multiple points along your parcels journey. This allows for you and your customer to keep up to date on the parcels whereabouts. In the event that a label becomes damaged, blurry or smudged, a carrier may need to re-label your parcel, which may incur an additional fee. It is important to make sure that your label is placed, securely, on the largest flat side of your package.

  • Fuel Surcharges - All carriers apply a fuel surcharge to their shipping services to account for variations in their fuel costs in delivering your parcels. There is no uniform way to calculate the costs of fuel surcharges, as this can be carrier specific, changed on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. It is important to note that different fuel surcharge levels can apply to different services - for example whether a parcel is being sent using a domestic or international service. Fuel surcharges will always be determined by the final price of a shipment, this also includes any additional costs added to your parcels. So if your parcel exceeds the carriers maximum dimensions or weights, then an additional fuel surcharge will be applied based on the actual or volumetric weight and size of the parcel. We will always endeavour to add the correct fuel surcharge to your shipments, however in the case that a fuel surcharge is added that exceeds the stated price of a shipment, reserves the right to add the carrier fuel surcharge as it applies to your shipment to as a correction to your invoice.

Our dedicated support team is always available to offer you guidance on your shipping services. If you have any questions relating to this, your invoices or or anything else then please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.