On the rare occasion that a parcel is lost or damaged, please drop us a line and we will do everything we can to try to resolve the issue. 

We also have dedicated support teams based with each carrier, and they’ll help us with any shipment related questions or issues that you may have. We will always aim to have any problems resolved within a few working days.

Lost Items - we will do our best to recover lost items as soon as possible.

  • In the first instance you can check the status of your parcel using the track and trace function in your shipment overview.  
  • It is important to ask the receiver to check with the neighbours, especially in case of circumstances where a proof of delivery, geo-location or photograph has been obtained.
  • Please call us if you’re unable to locate a parcel - we will let you know how soon we will have an answer and give advice about what to do. 

Damaged Items - we will advocate on your behalf to have any disputes resolved with expediency.

  • If an item has been received damaged please give us a call, and we will do everything we can to rectify this.
  • It is important to request pictures of the condition of the item/s and the packaging used to send the parcel, and send this to us.

We always recommend that you protect, pack and seal your parcels adequately for its content. However, if you'd like we can also provide you with liability coverage for your parcels - particularly those that have a high value, prior to shipping, as this can not be done retrospectively.

Once you have taken out coverage before shipping your parcel/s, if a claim needs to be made, then we will do our best to resolve this quickly.

Please click here, if you'd like to learn more about the SendMyParcel.com liability coverage.