Of course you can cover your shipments. 

We would actually recommend that you take out liability coverage for shipments that contain high valued items, prior to shipping them. It is important to insure goods for the proper value.  

We offer three choices for the levels of cover that you may need; from as little as 50p you can cover the items within your parcels with a purchase value up to £50. For £1, you can cover your parcels valued up to £250 and for £1.50, you can cover parcels valued up to £500.

It is important to cover your contents or materials goods up to their actual value. If a shipment is not covered for the correct value, then the claim will only be paid to the percentage that the shipment was covered. 

There are some specific terms and conditions that apply to our liability coverage, depending on the goods that you ship.

For example, your claim may be in dispute if your parcel contains prohibited or restricted items according to each carrier. In other circumstances, we may also require photographic evidence of both the damage to the parcel and the packaging itself as part of the claims process.

Please also note that parcels cannot be covered retrospectively, and as above, some other terms and conditions do apply. 

For more information, or if you would like to take out liability coverage for a package - please contact us.