Whether you are creating this shipment using the Client portal, the API or any of our e-commerce integrations, it is really frustrating when a shipment fails to register.

We have added as many of the carrier error responses in the Client portal as possible, and the shipment cards will always display this information when a shipment receives a registration failed error due to missing or incomplete data. But we’ve outlined a few tips to help you troubleshoot errors for shipments that fail to register below;

(lightbulb) Tips & Tricks

Single shipment creation

Domestic shipments


International shipments

Most failed registrations are data related and each carrier has their own set of requirements.

Where possible, we have added validation to the input fields however, it is not possible to validate all fields. We will always show the error response from the carrier in the tracking card.

🌟 For international shipments, most carriers require a first and last name, email address and telephone number as a minimum requirement.

🌟 For DDP shipments, ensure that you have entered all information relevant to the product; this includes the currency, HS code and your sender tax numbers. Please check that you have filled out all of the information for your shipment.

🌟 For shipments with custom data errors, ensure that you have selected the correct content type, shipping and currency. Some carriers will require all of this information especially for a DDP shipment.

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