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Why do my Amazon orders require editing or more information?

🤔 Problem - Weights

Why do my imported orders require a weight?

All carriers require weight/s as a minimum property to process your orders into accepted shipments.
Sometimes an order may not have a package weight, but the products within the order have individual item weights which combined create a package weight.

When an order has neither the package weight, or the products within the package do not have item weights present, the shipment will fail to be synced to the Client Portal or have a carrier service attached or you may even receive a registration failed status.

🌱 Solution

Use the following troubleshooting tips and tricks to solve some of these common issues;

All products in your Amazon store should either have item or package weights in order for a shipment to be processed correctly in the Client Portal and this can be set correctly in your Amazon seller central account.

If you have trouble adding weights and dimensions to your products and packages in the Amazon environment, then you will need to either each out to your fulfilment partner or Amazon seller support for more details.

🤔 Problem - HS Codes

Why do my imported orders require a HS codes and/or SKUs?

Depending on your location and where your are shipping to, the products within your orders will need both HS codes and Stock Keeping Unit identifier (SKU) in order to ship internationally.

🌱 Solution

Only orders with items that have a SKU at the time of sale will be imported into the Client portal with a SKU attached.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for this value to be imported during your sync when a SKU is added afterwards. This is because the data is frozen at the point of sale due to data protection laws and eCommerce best practice.

If the SKU is not included in the order prior to sale and sync, then you will have to add these values in the edit orders screen, following synchronisation.

🤔 Problem - Marketplace Tracking

Why is the tracking number for my order not available in my Amazon account?

Currently, Amazon has two ways to update tracking for shipments for your Amazon orders; the first is to send the tracking details with an API connection in conjunction with an Amazon partnered carrier and the second is to update the tracking number for an order manually.

Please note that using any of these methods will show the following information for a shipment

🌱 Solution

There are two ways that you can update the tracking for a shipment manually; to update the shipments manually

  1. Go to your order page, if you have not marked the item as despatched, click confirm despatch, then you will see Delivery Method, (click the drop down box to pick your courier/carrier, the underneath you will see Tracking ID, enter your tracking number, and then click Confirm Delivery.

  2. If however, you have marked your item sent, without adding the tracking information, go to the order page and select your order, then click edit shipments. Once you’re in the order click edit shipment, on the right hand side, this will allow you to add your tracking number, then to finish click Re-confirm shipment.

When using the API, you can refer to the Shipping API reference in the Amazon Developer Docs

🤔 Amazon - IOSS

Which IOSS number will my orders use?

The EU’s Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is a VAT registration scheme your business can use from 1 July 2021 to comply with the EU’s new VAT e-commerce rules on sales from GB to the EU.  

When selling through a marketplace, you will need to assign their IOSS number along with all the normal customs data. When selling from your own website, you will need to assign your own IOSS number along with all of the normal customs data. In each case you will need to provide the correct IOSS number for the corresponding sales channel.

🌱 Solution

When you sell products via any of the marketplace integrations created by, the integration will automatically assign the correct IOSS number. Be sure to let your us or your account manager know which Country and Domain (e.g. .com,, .fr, .de etc.) you will sell from, as we will need to ensure that you are connected to the correct integration and this will also have bearing on the IOSS number applied to your orders.

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