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Tracking Statuses

From the very first moment a shipment is created, it will receive a status. When the shipment is handed over to the carrier and progresses through the delivery network, the status is automatically updated.

Each carrier has their own set of status events reflecting the physical location of a parcel within their network. We’ve mapped these physical scan codes to six milestone statuses - providing a clear overview of the current status of each shipment no matter which carrier is used.

🪄 Shipment statuses at-a-glance

A shipment statuses can show as Concept, Registered, Received by carrier, Shipment at sorting, With courier, Delivered, Returned to sender or Registration failed.

📘 Milestones

  1. Concept All shipments created in the system start off as a Concept shipment - when a shipment is in this stage, the shipment can still be edited or deleted.

  2. Registered The concept shipment has now been Registered with the carrier - A label has been created and the carrier has received a pre-advised notification.

  3. Received by carrier The status Received by carrier is applied to a shipment at the point when a carrier will scan the shipment into their network for the first time. This can be assigned to the shipment upon collection or when the shipment reaches the carrier depot.

  4. Shipment at sorting A shipment will be updated with the status Shipment at sorting once the shipment is in transit through the carriers network.

  5. With courier A shipment will receive the status With courier, once the shipment is out for delivery to the recipient.

  6. Delivered Once a shipment has been delivered successfully, the shipment will be updated with a Delivered status.

  7. Returned to sender Sometimes a shipment cannot be delivered successfully, for multiple reasons. In this case the shipment will be returned and updated with a Returned to sender status.

  8. Registration failed is a status given to a shipment when a label could not be generated. Typically, a carrier will send an error message if there is missing data or incorrect information and this will be displayed in the shipment tracking cards. We have many troubleshooting tips for solving this error once it has occurred, please refer to our Failed Shipment Registrations article for more information.

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