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The reporting feature allows you to export the data from your entire shipping profile.

With these reports, you can review all created shipments, carrier services, surcharges, rates and much more.

📘 How to use the Reporting feature

Creating a report

Create and download
  1. Go to the Reports option at the top of the shipment overview.


2. Select New report.


3. Give your report a name and select at least one filter to define your report.

Once the filters have been applied the total amount of shipments, for the criteria chosen will be shown.


4. Click Save.

5. The report will now be generated.

Depending on the size of the report it may take some time to generate. A report will always show whether it is in progress or completed. You can navigate away from the page, and return at a later stage.

6. Once the report is generated it can be downloaded with the report icon towards the right hand side of the generated report.

How to delete a report


Reports can be deleted using the bin icon towards the right hand side of the generated report.

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