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Orders not appearing in the Client Portal

🤔 Problem

The Amazon Integration is designed to pull unshipped orders into the Client Portal during the sync process, providing that your connection has been authenticated correctly. Please see article (Amazon connection)

Sometimes, you may face issues when trying to sync your orders into the client portal.

🌱 Solutions

There are a number of reasons why this may not work as expected, so it is useful to go through these tips and tricks to see if this will fix your issue.

  1. Disconnect and then reconnect your Amazon integration to confirm authentication for the app within Amazon.

    Due to security and data protection regulations, sometimes an authorisation token may expire or be rendered invalid due to changes or any updates made to your Amazon account.

    Disconnecting and reconnecting the app ensures that the authentication is correct and working as it should.

  2. Ensure that your Shipping Settings Automation (SSA), within Amazon, is switched off.

    The SSA settings in Amazon when applied, can add a both a carrier and service to your orders, marking them as shipped.

    The Amazon integration only syncs orders that are marked as either PartiallyShipped or Unshipped, any other status applied to an order will result in the order not being synced into the Client Portal.

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