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Getting Started offers shipping technology that allow world’s leading brands to create the ultimate delivery experience for their customers worldwide.

Ready to revolutionise your workflow? Here's how to get started;

📘 How to get started

Get in touch with us to request a demo, discuss your options or to get started by sending an email to -

Basic onboarding information

Company details

  1. Registered company name

  2. Registered company address

  3. Registration number

  4. Relevant tax numbers including IOSS & EORI

Shipping details

  1. Contact full name

  2. Contact phone number

  3. Contact email address

  4. Shipping address (if different to registered address)

  5. Return address (if different to registered address)

  6. Website

  7. Carriers required & the countries that you wish to ship from

Based on your requirements, we will provide you with API credentials, and or access to our logistics services platform. Take a look at a brief outline of our product suite below;

🚀 Our Products

Our API 🔌 maintains a suite of developer products that expose our services and data on an organisational level. Use these products to streamline your organisations workflows, enhance software and build better experiences for your employees and customers. Our services are already powering our platforms and we can't wait to see what you do with them. To request your credentials, or discuss partnership opportunities please email us at

Our technical tools 🛠️ has a range of technical solutions that have been built with the demands of modern logistical services in mind - Calculate, Validate, Label, Track and Analyse used alongside our Admin and Client portals enable you to manage your entire workflow….

The Admin Portal - Created to house all of the essential solutions needed to manage shipping divisions, clients shipping profiles and their shipping rates and your carrier suite. The Admin Portal is the essential management tool and the go-to logistical platform for innovative enterprises.

The Client Portal - Let your customers efficiently manage and automate their shipping process with access to your company's very own branded portal. From scheduling collections, creating manifests and labels to branded customer communications - the Client Portal is a uniquely branded platform, created to maximise and improve your client workflows.

Our carriers 📦

Our Carriers - has an ever-growing list carriers in our carrier library; with more than 4000 global and domestic carrier services, it's never been easier to ship your products with a variety of carriers and enter new markets.

Adding carriers

Activating carriers from the library (API connection)

  1. Request API credentials from your account manager for each carrier that you want to use.
    Please note that API credentials will vary between carriers and you can find more information on carrier requirements here.

  2. If needed, you can also add multiple contracts for a single carrier, this will ensure that the most competitive shipping options are made available to your company and your clients.


Adding your carrier company as a non-API carrier in the Library

  1. Provide a full resolution logo for the carrier service.

  2. Provide a breakdown of your carrier rates, which will be added to the system

💡  Please note - Non-API carrier services will not have automated tracking updates and shipments created using this service can be manually updated to keep your customers informed

Adding your carrier company into the Library

  1. To add your company as a fully integrated carrier please refer to our carrier integration program here or speak to your account manager. Carriers can be added to our library either by our dedicated team of software engineers or by your own team.

  2. Please discuss your specific case with your account manager or get in touch with us.

Purchase & selling rates

There are several choices when it comes to rates management in the Client & Admin portals; you can choose to not display shipping rates, adding your rates manually or to use dynamic shipping rates directly from carrier APIs where available.

  1. The choice to not display shipping rates allows you to set your own rates per client, displaying only the carrier service and option in the system.

  2. With the option to add a percentage margin, you can also display accurate, real time rates from the carriers API which include all surcharges and taxes.

  3. Adding rates into the system manually, involves setting different variables such as weight, dimensions, purchase and sale costs attributed to different destinations. An account manager will be able to walk you through this process and these rates will be uploaded via csv into the system.

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