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Admin Portal for Resellers (White-Label)

The Admin portal gives you the agility and flexibility to manage all aspects of your clients shipping profile.

Once you have logged into the Admin portal, you will land on the admin overview and from here you can easily manage your clients shipments, their carriers and contracts, notifications and more.

📘 Admin Portal Guide

  1. Navigate to the shipment overview, download reports, create carrier contracts and add and manage zones and shipping rates.

  2. With the settings gear icon, you can navigate to system messages where you can add messages for your clients and Carrier Surcharges, where you can manage and update shipments with surcharges received from the carriers.
    The account setting section, allows you to navigate to manage your portal including system colours, clients stores and user settings per client.

  3. Use the search bar to lookup specific shipments.

  4. Use these filters to narrow down shipment searches by carrier, date, service etc.

  5. Use this toggle to set specific overview parameters, and the system will remember your setting for every-time that you log in.

  6. Manage how much information is displayed in the shipment overview and navigate between pages.


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